Company: The Knotted Vine




Our approach to selecting wine for One Dining always remains the same – we choose wines that reflect the very best in small production hand crafted wine making, all produced by passionate people who are dedicated to making quality juice. We also go for styles that go great with One Dining’s menus and that people recognise and love so that guests get to taste wines that shows true regional and varietal character. 

The selection for the launch of One Belgravia was no different. The real stars were the wines paired with dinner. With the stunning Cornish hake, we went for a top end Gruner Veltliner from Austria by artisan specialist Barbara Ohlzelt – she only makes 4,000 bottles of this wine so tiny production and the wine has a little oak so enough depth to stand up to meaty white fish; a real match made in heaven. The red was a 2011 Minervois Syrah/Grenache made by Languedoc maestros Hecht & Bannier, arguably the best producer of single vineyard Langeudoc wines in the region. The wine was 2011 vintage so had really softened out with a beautiful brick red colour that had the elegance and delicacy not to overpower the fish. If there was ever a candidate to show that red wine goes great with white fish, this would be it! Our fully organic Prosecco was, of course, on hand to clean the palate both before and after dinner.

Our collaboration and work with One Dining is always enjoyable. So often with events, wine is an afterthought – sitting in the shadows of the food and decoration but the team at One Dining are determined to buck this trend and deliver wines to their guests that wow in the glass. So for wine geeks like us it is a great challenge (and a lot of fun) to ensure we consistently come up with exciting and delicious wines that bring a smile with every sip!

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