The 7th September will go down as another landmark date for One Events. In one fell swoop (and a few months of building works!) One Marylebone re-opened its doors as a much larger space that can now accommodate over 400 for a sit down dinner!

aca Live were the first benefactors to this refurbishment and what a job they did…..
With a James Bond theme, this was a bar mitzvah with a twist. Guest were greeted at the door by 007 guards who proceeded to ‘scan & search’ them before sending them down the winding staircase into the Basement. Blue up-lighting created a mysterious cave like atmosphere where guests ordered their drinks from a glowing spot-lit ice bar. The party was suddenly stunned and thrilled as stunt men descended into the Basement where an interactive bond vs enemy scene was acted out before a loud siren and flashing red lights soon brought everyone to attention. On the alarm, guests were ‘evacuated’ out of the Basement and up into the Soane Hall where dinner was waiting.
Huge glistening chandeliers hung from the soaring ceilings whilst blue and purple up-lighting created an edgy glow. With the new room extensions, we were able to host 230 guests on square tables with the alter area becoming the stage. At the opposite end, a martini bar and roulette table created a Vegas style casino attraction for later on in the evening. It was a fabulous evening for kids and adults alike where guests wined, dined and partied in true 007 style! Adam Goodman, director at aca live commented: “We were the first event at the venue to utilise the additional space they created which made a huge difference to the guests’ experience and gives event agencies much more scope. The team were a pleasure to work with, accommodating, professional and understand the pressure agencies can sometimes be under when delivering complex productions.”


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