Deck the (“Soane”) halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la…

?! No, we are just coming to the end of what has been our busiest Xmas to date at One Events! With 42 events in 20 days it has been nonstop and we wanted to let you know what we have been up to.
For those of you that missed out on having your Xmas party at One Events this year, please get in touch as soon as possible to talk about 2015… NOW THAT IS CRAZY TALK!

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1st DEC

Huge media company’s Conference at One Horse Guards.

2nd DEC

Christmas reception for 150 guests at One Marylebone and One Dining feeding 200 over at Mayfair!

3rd DEC

Our first triple day! Sony Playstation 20th Anniversary party at One Embankment, Cosmopolitan Awards at Mayfair and a Christmas party at Marylebone.

4th DEC

Rock themed Christmas party for 250 guests at One Mayfair catered by One Dining. Christmas Party at Marylebone.

5th DEC

One Dining feeding Christmas party guests at One Mayfair and One Embankment. A media company’s Party at Marylebone.

6th DEC

Bar mitzvah at One Embankment and a large Estate Agent’s Christmas Party for 1200 at Marylebone.

9th DEC

300 guest Christmas party at One Embankment. Entertainment company’s Christmas Party at Marylebone.

10th DEC

Christmas parties at One Marylebone, One Horse Guards and One Embankment today!

11th DEC

Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas party at One Marylebone for 450 guests and another Christmas party at Mayfair.

12th DEC

#quadruple events day! All venues celebrating company Christmas Parties with 2,000 guests!

13th DEC

Two weddings catered by One Dining and a birthday party at One Embankment.

15th DEC

Christmas reception and dinner at One Mayfair for 250 guests.

16th DEC

Two large Christmas parties at One Marylebone, and One Embankment with a total of 1150 guests fed by One Dining!

17th DEC

Three events in a night! 250 guest Christmas dinner & dance at One Mayfair and 350 guest Christmas party at One Marylebone with One Dining.

18th DEC

Three Christmas parties; One Marylebone, One Mayfair and One Embankment.

19th DEC

Another triple day! One Wedding and two Christmas Parties.

20th DEC

Wedding at One Marylebone, 21st at Mayfair and a Wedding party at Embankment.

21st DEC



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