In the fourth instalment of our five part series on engagement rings we are really excited to share with you some immensely unique and beautiful jewellers. Although we love the classic solitaire ring, we are seeing more and more brides fight tradition and choose something more unique. We are all for this and the results are truly stunning. Your engagement ring is a representation of yourself and your relationship and you have to wear it for the rest of your life so be bold, be unique and read on!


The jewellers and their bling in this blog post are A M A Z I N G! With some of the most beautiful jewellery we haven’t seen anywhere else, if you want something out of the ordinary and extraordinary just keep scrolling. A running theme of art as inspiration allows the jewellery to be free of constraints and they really do become pieces of art to be treasured for may lifetimes.

Heidi Gibson

“I feel that I bring something different to the market, based on my experience with art and design. I see the stones as shapes to fit together in composition, much like an artist blocking in a base drawing – a more natural approach for me as a painter. My muse lies within the sunburst, art deco style of decades past.”

Heidi Gibson’s designs are truly one-of-a-kind and completely mesmerising. We love that she brings an artist’s flair to designing her rings. When we first came across Heidi Gibson we were obsessing over the intricate detail of each ring and just how unique they were. We love where her inspiration comes from; truly romantic, and with so many choices, there is a ring for every bride who’s looking for something out of this world.


Instagram: heidigibsondesigns



Luna Skye

“Luna Skye by Samantha Conn is an LA based, fine jewellery line by Samantha Conn. Crystals and gemstones, along with her love for the ocean have always been close to her heart, and have been much of the inspiration behind her line. She really wanted to harness the feeling of the raw beauty of the earth into her pieces, making each one feel and take on their own energy.”

If you are looking for something truly unique and not too over the top, Luna Skye are for you! We would describe Luna Skye engagement rings as relaxed glamour. Beautiful hues and tones depicting the ocean, sparkle a plenty but paired back statement pieces for the bride that wants to go off road but still feel bridle. And while you are at it, why not buy a ton of her other beautiful pieces to go with your new best friend of the sparkly kind!


Instagram: lskyejewellery


Anna Sheffield

“Anna Sheffield makes jewellery that is uniquely meaningful. Borrowing freely from the worlds of art, fashion and design, each piece offers a rare juxtaposition. Ceremonial, but not formal. Feminine, but unconventional. Contemporary, but timeless. Every design as unique as the person it adorns.”

What can we say but OMG! Anna Sheffield’s designs are beyond beautiful, beyond unique and would put a smile on our face for years and years. Striking colours and stones, coupled with simple yet intricate designs make her a jeweller who will make our list time and time again. We would travel thousands of miles to visit Anna Sheffield and beg our significant other to buy us something … anything from Anna Sheffield! We might even resort to an in-store tantrum. Check her out as she is absolutely one to remember.


Instagram: annasheffield


The Mrs Box

And to keep those sparkling diamonds safe and pretty? What else but a pure velvet monogrammed box from The Mrs Box, as featured in many of the photos in this five part series. And because we don’t spend enough time on Instagram, many an hour can be spent staring at the most beautiful photos of The Mrs Box’s surrounded by floral masterpieces and decadent rings.


Instagram: the_mrs_box

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