One Dining Menus Cocktails


The Main Collection

Charged at £6.50 per glass
Salted grapefruit margarita
El Jimadore Blanco tequila is shaken with fresh grapefruit, lime and a salted grapefruit cordial. Served martini style with a grapefruit zest garnish
Clover Club
Portobello Road Gin is shaken with fresh lemon juice, sugar and fresh raspberries. Served straight up martini style with a raspberry garnish
Three Berry Daiquiri
Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are paired with Santa Teresa rum, fresh lime, sugar and a splash of cranberry juice. Served long over ice with a mixed berry garnish
Santa Teresa rum is paired with fresh lime, mint, soda and a touch of sugar. Served long over crushed ice with a mint garnish
Belenkaya vodka is shaken with Giffard Tripple Sec, Fresh lime and cranberry. Served straight up in a martini glass with a large orange zest garnish
Smoked Blackberry Iced Tea
Fresh blackberry pulp is shaken with a lapsang souchong reduction, fresh citrus, a splash of heavily peated Scotch whiskey and vodka. Topped with soda and served over ice in a highball glass with a blackberry and lemon garnish
Apple and Rosemary Mule
Santa Teresa Rum is lengthened with home made rosemary cordial, fresh lime, spiced ginger beer and cloudy apple juice. Served long with a rosemary sprig garnish
Blueberry and Elderflower Rocks
Portobello Road Gin is shaken with blueberry jam, cloudy apple juice, fresh lemon and a touch of sugar. Served on the rocks with a mint, lemon and blueberry garnish
Peach and Darjeeling Ice Tea
Looseleaf darjeeling tea is reduced to a cordial then used to sweeten Belenkaya vodka, fresh peach puree, citrus and soda. Served long over ice with a lemon and mint garnish
Blood Orange and Clove Daiquiri
Santa Teresa Rum is shaken with fresh blood orange juice, clove syrup and fresh lime. Served straight up with a orange zest garnish
Watermelon and Thyme Cooler
Belenkaya Vodka is paired with freshly squeezed watermelon, lemon and orange juices then balanced with a homemade thyme cordial, Served long with a thyme and lemon garnish
Spiced pear cobbler
Vodka paired with a blend of festive spices is lengthened with pear puree, cloudy apple juice fresh citrus and sugar before being served in a large wine glass over cubed ice with an orange wheel garnish
Chili and lemongrass collins
Belenkaya Vodka is shaken firmly with a homemade chili and lemongrass cordial balanced by fresh lemon juice before being lengthened with ginger beer. Served long over cubed ice with a lemongrass, mint and chili garnish
Date and clementine daiquiri
PSanta Teresa Claro rum is shaken with freshly squeezed clementine juice, date nectar, agave syrup and cold pressed lime juice. Served on the rocks with an orange wedge garnish

After Dinner Cocktails

Charged at £6.50 per glass
Chilli chocolate coffee rocks
Ancho Reyes chilli liqueur is shaken with cocoa, fresh espresso and muscovado sugar
Served on the rocks ungarnished
Coffee and vanilla short
Vanilla infused vodka is shaken with cold brewed espresso, cocoa powder and vanilla syrup. Served on the rocks with a flaked chocolate garnish
Cinnamon and nutmeg iced coffee
Coffee is cold brewed with cinnamon and nutmeg before being shaken hard with rum and maple syrup. Served long over ice with a cinnamon garnish
Mint chocolate coffee rocks
Vodka is infused with fresh mint then shaken with cocoa, espresso and sugar
Served on the rocks with a mint garnish
Pistachio coffee martini
Homemade pistachio syrup sweetens bitter coffee, before being shaken with rum and coffee liqueur.
Served straight up with a coffee been garnish