Choosing a wedding venue is one of the first things to tick off the list after you get engaged (or even before, we won’t judge!).

It will most certainly be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding as well so it’s very important to pick the right venue. There are so many different venues out there, with every tom, dick and harry claiming to be one. This means there is so much choice and it may be really confusing as to whether to choose dry hire or package, country or city, small or large, the list goes on and on.

Our two stunning venues One Marylebone and One Belgravia are available on a dry hire basis only. There are so many reasons to choose dry hire and to choose one of our venues. Read on and find out why!

Photos left to right: One Marylebone and One Belgravia


Blank Canvas

Dependant on the venue and what it offers under ‘dry hire’, the majority of them come completely bare; a blank canvas space. We find this so exciting because it means you and your fiancé can put your own stamp on the venue and start from scratch with the furniture, décor, production etc.

For brides wanting somewhere they can stamp their mark on and not be constrained to a venues package offerings, dry hire venues are for you. Some venues ido nclude tables and chairs amongst other things but usually you by no means have to use them.

Photo: One Marylebone




Dry hire venues allow you to use your own suppliers instead of having to use the ones at the venue, such as caterers at a hotel or resident florists (we’ve even heard of venues not allowing an outside cake!). This means that the florist you’ve been lusting over or the furniture company you can’t wait to order decorations from is all welcomed at dry hire venues.

Quite a lot of venues, especially in London, have preferred suppliers lists with some being more flexible than others but it does provide you with a choice unlike some venues.

At One Events we have a preferred suppliers list for Catering and Production as well as Florists. We do ask you to use a carefully curated supplier from our list as we know they are AMAZING and will create the day of your dreams.

Photo: One Belgravia




Pin to your hearts content as with dry hire venues, apart from the colour of the walls and carpet essentially, your day can be anything from a bohemian wonderland to a five star glittering gala dinner. Little tip: Do make sure the surroundings and the building fit in with your theme or characteristics, otherwise everyone may leave feeling a little confused.

At One Belgravia and One Marylebone we have seen a plethora of incredible weddings from six figure winter wonderlands to more modest contemporary affairs. With high ceilings, white walls, glittering chandeliers and parquet floors, our venues can be transformed into the ultimate wedding.

Photos from top to bottom: One Marylebone and One Belgravia




Food! Always an extremely important subject and one very close to our hearts (we love food). Catering at a wedding can make or break the day and it is so important that couples choose food and drink that they love and their guests will love too. No need to just accept the in-house caterer, no no, at dry hire venues, (almost) anything goes!

There are so many amazing caterers out there offering up different things and we think it’s one of the most exciting parts of organising your wedding; the designing of the menus, the tastings and deciding on how many desserts you can have without breaking the budget.

At One Events, we do have a list of preferred caterers who are all INCREDIBLE and cater to a wide variety of cultures so you’re sure to love at least one of them.  

Photo: One Marylebone


 Take a look at our ULTIMATE BRIDAL GUIDE where you can find a timeline of what to do and when!


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